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This FREE seminar will assist you as a parent to talk with your kids about difficult issues such as:

  • parental conflict
  • carrying messages
  • financial issues
  • taking sides
  • children’s understanding of your separation
  • relationships and loyalty
  • dealing with step-parents

Ever wished your child came with an instruction manual? Children are born with the ability to communicate their needs – they are the instruction manual!

Circle of Security Parenting  TM

  • Helps caregivers understand how children communicate their needs through their behaviour
  • Supports caregivers to meet their child’s need whenever possible and take charge whenever necessary, leading to stronger relationships between caregivers and children
  • Is a user friendly visually based approach to helping parents and carers better understand the needs of their children

A workshop for parents and carers of young children aged 2-8 years

For all parents who want to improve their life and relationships

3 x 2 hour workshops including:

  • Helpful hints
  • Dealing with strong emotions
  • Self maintenence
  • Making good family memories
  • Love languages
  • Celebrations

Held over 3 consecutive weeks – Tuesdays, November 21, 28 & December 5 – 10am – 12pm

Limited free childcare is available on the premises, to make a booking please call us on 49140444

A six session program designed to improve emotional and developmental outcomes for children in separated families.

This free interactive six week program will assist parents/carers to increase their confidence, reduce stress & family conflict and build positive child-parent relationships